Select the right system for time tracking

We guide you through the jungle of time tracking systems, so you can select the right system the first time and avoid wasting time and wrong purchases.

Your benefits from the guide 

  • Quickly clarify, how advanced a solution you need
  • See which 3 methods that provide you with an overview of time spent
  • Avoid locking yourself into a system you cannot grow in

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bye bye excel?

Has your company outgrown Excel and post-its?

If your company needs a clear picture of how many hours the employees use each month on specific tasks, projects and customers, it might be time to look at a time tracking system.

When you have just started your business, Excel is often enough for both time tracking and project management.

But soon your company starts to grow. I get more colleagues, your services advance and you must be able to take action quickly and in an agile way. In this case, many experience the Excel sheets as a limitation.

Get help to clarify your needs

Excel sheets are a limitation

It is time consuming to get 15 employees to enter information into an Excel sheet. You need a tool to measure project performance across projects, and just getting the colleagues to track their work time is cumbersome.

Here a system for time tracking and project management enters the picture.

We help you clarify which system is right for you with just 5 simple questions.

Before, everyone tracked their time in very different ways. But then we added rules for how to track time – a time tracking paradigm – and together with a new leadership focus, we increased the invoicing potential by 384% in 16 months Søren Anderberg CEO Venzo Analytics

Who is behind the guide?

TimeLog was founded in 2001 and has helped thousands of companies with time tracking. We want to share this knowledge with you