excel time tracking

Follow your time consumption on projects

Time is money. Especially for you who work on a time and material basis as consultant or on customer projects.

With our free template for time tracking in Excel, you are well on your way to better:

  • Documentation
  • Planning
  • Performance

With the template, it is easy to document your and colleagues' hours on internal and external projects.

The template is suitable for consultants who invoice, work project-oriented and need a simple setup to manage hours.

Documentation excel

How do you spend your time? 

Document tasks and time consumption with Excel time tracking. 

Use the documentation for customers, colleagues or when you need to estimate new tasks or evaluate a project. 

Excel project management

Can you make better use of your time? 

Use your time tracking proactively. 

Time tracking is a strong management tool which makes it easier to prioritise tasks, plan new projects and estimate how long a project takes. 

Time tracking in excel

Get an efficient project budget 

Keep an eye on more than work time on your projects. 

Keep up to date on the project’s contribution ratio (revenue after you deduct the costs) and billable value.