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TimeLog for your needs

Get a customised review of TimeLog in just 30 minutes online!

Are you curious about how you can:

  • Support your business with a Professional Services Automation platform?
  • Optimize your internal workflows and processes?
  • Track time, manage projects, invoice and report in TimeLog PSA?

Then book an online presentation.

We tailor an online presentation and dive into the parts of TimeLog that are relevant to you.

Regardless if you just need to track time or also want to link project management, invoicing or reporting to your time tracking. 

Fill out the form, and we will get back to you really fast.

The meeting only takes about 20 minutes of your time.

Tailored feedback

Your benefit from our online review:

  • See how you can register time - detailed, fast and simple!
  • Gain insight into how TimeLog fits into your existing system landscape
  • Learn how to automate manual processes through our many integrations for payroll and accounting systems
  • Get 110% control of projects and project finances; whether you use subscriptions, periodic balancing, fixed price, disposable products or a mix
  • Learn how to save lots of time each month with automated invoicing and revenue recognition
  • Get an overview of the business with our standard reports. For example, your distribution of internal / external time, your invoicing rate, capacity utilization or project KPIs
We are very pleased with the accurate overview of bookings and monthly invoices we receive via TimeLog. One of our project managers actually found DKK 30,000, that we did not know we had. Anders Graae Project Manager Frankly
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